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We take care of your Mac from the first moment assistenza apple firenze

We Are Fast

Your time is precious, we try to make the most of it


Transparent estimates and Guaranteed Interventions up to 1 year

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What it takes

Instrumentation and specialized tools for Apple repairs


We know all Apple devices to perfection


Original or compatible according to your needs

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Video cards

Apple Video Card Repair for MacMini iMac MacBook


Display replacement for iPhone iMac MacBook Cinema Display


Original or compatible for iPhone Ipad MacBook Pro Air

Specialized Apple Support Florence

Apple Mac Florence Support Conversion from HD Mechanical Disk to Solid State Disk MacBook SSD, iMac Repair Video Card Replacement Matrix Display, Also on Vintage

Computer Repairs Florence

Repair and Assistance on Personal Computer

Increased Performance Solid State disk upgrade

Ad hoc assembly for Office or Gaming use

IPhone iPad Repair Florence

Lcd Glass Display Replacement

iPhone iOS Samsung Huawei Blackberry Android

Battery Replacement Contact Fluid Recovery

Apple Windows Notebook Display Replacement

Replacing Display Repair for MacBook iMac iPhone iPad Notebook Windows Tablet Original or Compatible New or Refurbished

Florence Data Recovery

Data Recovery from Mechanical Disks or Solid State Usb Flash Drives Memory Media for Cameras

Florence Virus Removal

We perform deep cleaning or restore Windows PC or Apple Computer from Spybot Malware Virus

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